Podcast: Adulting on the go

[Podcast] Episode 12 : 10 Things We Hate The Most

Truth! This is the most interesting podcast ever!  Joy and I had fun recording 10 things we hate the most. We would love you to share which one resonated with you in the comments section below. Please press play to listen. You can also click here to catch up on the other episodes of the …

Three thieves Nollywood movie, Three thieves movie review, Three thieves movie poster

Three Thieves Nollywood Movie Review

Three Thieves Nollywood Movie Trailer   Synopsis Frustrated with their current standard of living, three young men decide to find a desperate solution to their poverty. This resolve is easy as they are mistakenly tasked with a robbery job. This, with its financial reward, falls so easily into their laps and they are left with …

Toya Eze, Toya by Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton song, Toya by Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton, Toya by Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton download

I Can’t Get Over Tim Godfrey’s “TOYA” Music Collaboration With Israel Houghton

The Nara crooner is back again and this time with Israel Houghton! Who else thinks that Tim Godfrey is the most collaborative gospel musician in Nigeria right now? I like what he does with other artists. The video is giving me life right now. You’d absolutely love this! Click to watch below Toya by Tim …


6 Things Highly Successful People Do Before 6 AM

In my article, what successful people do on Weekends, I highlighted the lives of some of the successful people whose names seem very familiar to us. It is not exactly shocking that many of them follow similar weekend routines. If you look further, successful people have similar morning routines too. Their routines and methods most …

Don't get mad, get even movie

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even 2019 (Nollywood Movie) Review

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even is an interesting but over flogged and exhausting movie. While I had fun enjoying the funny scenes, I was uncomfortable with the back and forth. Maybe the writers were confused at a point, maybe they didn’t know how to end it, I honestly can’t say. Before I even move on …

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